Filming VarWild: Scolitantides orion

Life cycle of butterflies in Provence

The Chequered Blue (Scolitantides orion Pallas, 1771)

The life-cycle and the ecology of the Chequered Blue

    Scolitantides orion (Pallas, 1771), entre Sedum et fourmis.

2011 - Pieter Kan, Brigitte Kan-van Limburg Stirum 
Lépidoptères, Volume 20 (2011) n° 49.

Between 1997 and 2011 the authors studied Scolitantides orion, The Chequered Blue, in the commune of Callas (Var, 83). It is interesting to note that the number of butterflies recorded fluctuated considerably from year to year and that Scolitantides orion is a species found in very localised populations within the region. Even though the host plants are distributed throughout the region, the eggs were only found in certain habitats on Sedum telephium, Sedum anopetalum and Sedum album. Specific interaction was recorded between Scolitantides orion and three species of ant.


Lasius emarginatus attracted by Scolitantides orion

Lasius niger attracted by Scolitantides orion

Camponotus lateralis attracted by Scolitantides orion

Camponotus vagus attracted by caterpillars of Scolitantides orion

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